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What is EPT™ and What is the Procedure?

Excerpts from The Forgiveness Doctor, by Dr. Annette Cargioli

Excerpts from The Forgiveness Doctor, by Dr. Annette Cargioli

EMOTIONAL POLARITY TECHNIQUE™ is a mind/body/spirit healing technique. It facilitates a fast release of emotional energy that is stuck in the body. With this release of emotions from the body, you become open to new spiritual insight, improved health, greater happiness and the possibility of phenomenal change in your life. This phenomenal change is made possible through forgiveness. In EPT™ forgiveness is the game changer that allows this amazing transformation of your life experience. By focusing and activating your ability to forgive, true healing takes place.

Life is For-give- ing

EPT™ is about more than just changing the way you feel in your body. Improving your physical well-being can definitely make your life better. However, this is only part of your journey. True power and abundance in life can only come when you fully open to the freedom of giving more of what you have been given. Forgiveness is the power that unleashes your ability to give what you have not known how to give. Forgiveness aligns you with power to give more out of the wholeness that already exists within you. Forgiveness connects you to the greatness you were created to know in yourself and in others. It is forgiveness that allows you to know greater love existing in yourself and others. It is forgiveness that allows you to give without fear.

Forgiveness raises your vibration to the heights of unconditional love. When you forgive, you release your identification with poverty, hatred, pain, anger, resentment, loss and fear. You become free to love what was, and still might seem, impossible to love. By loving what is impossible to love, you make the impossible in your life possible. EPT™ speeds up the process of learning to love what is impossible to love in your life. This creates wondrous change in your health, happiness and life. When you forgive, you identify with the energy of love. You become free to love more. By expanding the love in your life with EPT™, you don't just feel better, you live better. You create your life experience into something brand new. You become a part of making the world a better place. This is the miracle of EPT™.

Forgiveness is the cornerstone of EPT™. Specific forgiveness of falsely held beliefs and belief systems is what gives EPT™ its power to heal. In order to be effective, forgiveness must be specific and relevant to the person’s life experience to create changes in emotional, physiological and behavioral responses.

Most of the situations in our lives that emotionally upset us are not actually the cause of our emotional distress. For example, a man is angry because his eight-year-old son keeps a messy room. He recognises this is harsh, but he can’t seem to help himself, and rationalizes it is good for the boy. All he can do is yell at his son every time he sees the messy room.

With EPT™, we quickly identify the original time he felt this anger was when he was eight, and his dad abusively yelled at him and his mom. Subconsciously, the man feels by making his own son keep the room clean, he is protecting his child and his mother from being abused or attacked by his abusive father. His real anger is with his own father for hurting him and his mother. He is also angry with himself for not being able to save himself or his mother from the abuser. As an eight-year-old child, he was never free to express any of this. The emotional energy became trapped, causing his increased anger and anxiety with his own little boy years later. He then remembers feeling angry and helpless because: I couldn’t speak up and stop it. I wanted to protect my mom and me but I couldn’t. I felt ashamed because my dad was like this. No one asked me what I needed. And, I wasn't important. I didn’t matter.

The details of this particular memory wrap around the strongest emotional energy in the experience. This leads us to conclude that the man is not just angry with his son, but is also angry with his father, for hurting and humiliating him and his mom when he was a boy.

Identifying a root memory when a similar feeling or incident occured is critical to understanding the beliefs this person developed through his life history experience, and how those beliefs hold power over his freedom to experience a more enjoyable life.

Facilitation of EPT™ can result in the elimination of chronic health problems, chronic physical pain and emotional suffering, by transforming the human heart. Additionally EPT™ removes the trapped emotional energy and neuropeptides that precipitate the problem.

While self help application of EPT™ principles are possible, I want to emphasize that if you are really ready for a change and want to dig deep and write new scripts for your life, you will need a compassionate well-trained coach.

It is almost impossible to see what you don’t know in your own life. Self-help techniques will bandage your stress responses but probably will not take you to a completely new life experience. Self-help allows you to take power over the suffering you may be experiencing in life, so now you don’t fall apart when life gets hard-- you have a super tool to help you cope. To increase the speed and ease of you getting where you want to go in your life, to places you have never experienced, takes a great deal of energy and insight.

A coach/facilitator can help you create something brand new. The power of two people working together allows for greater creation of new life. Creation of something brand new in your life is miraculous. Curbing the emotional stress response or physical pain is a great tool to improve your current life experience. Creating a brand new life experience is where life gets really fun and exciting.

Feeling better in your current life is the first step to your creation of new life. Actually creating a real change in your life will take the energy of more than one person. Having a coach and faith in God (the unknown) is the fastest way to create true change. By interrupting the physiological pattern, we remove the blocks that may have hindered or prevented the releasing of unhealthy life patterns. Fixing the body's trapped emotional energy opens the doorway to unleash profound physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. EPT™ practitioners are trained to help you when you are ready for a real change in your life.

The finer and more notable aspect of EPT™ is the ability to enhance life, identifying and releasing limiting belief systems and installing positive life affirming belief systems that result in individual empowerment. Emotional, physical and spiritual healing is made possible through forgiveness. Forgiveness is the most important step in the EPT™ formula. Forgiveness allows for your conscious and unconscious alignment in the wholeness that exist within you. The focus and activation of your ability to align with the divine through forgiveness allows miracles to happen.

Fixing the way you feel in your body is just the beginning. Changing the beliefs you hold that created your pain and poverty is the pathway to radical change in your life. Through forgiveness, this change in your beliefs is made possible. By forgiving, you release your need to identify with the pain and poverty in your life, past, present and future. Forgiveness frees you to identify with unconditional love, prosperity, wholeness and most of all, giving. It is your action of freely giving, out of the well of wholeness and love that your are, which allows you to create more of what you really want to experience right now. As your beliefs change, becoming more and more aligned with divine truth, the impossible in your life becomes possible.

Using the body and mind, EPT™ will effectively lead you to the discovery of your hidden beliefs. These are the beliefs that are not in alignment with divine truth and that hold you back from true happiness and success.

For example, You may believe that you are not good enough. The truth is, you are good enough. God made you that way. God designed each one of us with a purpose in mind. The truth is, you are good enough. Your very creation is evidence that you are good enough.

You may believe that you are alone. The truth is, God is with you and God loves you. Through forgiveness, it become possible to realign ourselves with divine truth, the truth of who we are and why we are here. As our realignment with the divine take place, healing occurs naturally.

EPT™ is a system that approaches the healing journey with reconciliation through forgiveness by using the body and mind to map the journey. Pain or emotional discomfort become the doorway to self discovery. True healing is a journey that will always result in greater spiritual awareness. We discover who we are and what our divine purpose is. I believe this is only accomplished through forgiveness. The healing is greater than the elimination of pain or restoration of health. True healing is the restoration of soul and spirit in reconciliation with God. Since we are truly one in body, mind and spirit, our hidden beliefs can be found imprinted with the cellular intelligence of our bodies and minds.

I have practiced EPT™ for many years now and am witness to the transformative power forgiveness has in my own life and in the lives of others. I have been asked if I will ever be finished with and no longer benefit from EPT™. My response is simple: “When I can love 100% of the people 100% of the time, I’ll be finished.” Until then, you will find me here, enjoying the journey that leads me back to the love that I am. I pray that you will find EPT™ as useful as I have, as you pursue your own healing journey.

-- Dr. Annette Cargioli, “The Forgiveness Doctor” available at Amazon

Procedure of EPT™


Placing attention on the current sore spot in your life that you want to change.

2-Find it:

We use muscle testing procedures to identify organs, emotion, incidents and body memories in a person’s life which have shaped emotional (and subsequent Physiological) responses to various stimuli, thereby identifying false belief systems which propagate negative emotional and behavioral response patterns.

How memories are stored and retrieved:

The brain stores memories like a filing system. Similar experiences get stored in the same file. Emotions become an anchor and the primary access point to the root or original picture that recreates the details of the past memory in the present time. And it is noteworthy that because of the similarities in the issue, as opposed to an exact reenactment, are what is being focused on here, this indicates that our brain is allowing itself to function on “fuzzy logic.” Also be aware there can be other triggers to the memory than emotions. It can be situational, or can even be a result--such as a headache, or even in some cases, simply an age which serves as a trigger to revisit a negative emotional pattern from the past.

Revisiting this memory now dictates the emotional reaction and the confluence of events which will play out. In other words,what I remember about an event is often through the stored emotional feeling of the event. In EPT™ we are compassionately working with immature perception and trapped emotion, not making judgement about character.

Fix it:

Once you have identified the exact memory, we change the body's response with brief placement of magnets along with simple body and breath work. This erases the physiology or bodily feeling associated with the root emotion. We interrupt the physiological pattern associated with the root emotion that includes neuropeptide (messenger molecules) patterns and energetic patterns.

Forgive it:

We form statements based on the emotions and perception of incidents related to what is found as the root memory. The statements are designed to release the conditioned physical/emotional/behavioral/energetic responses. This clears the path to begin creating and installing life-affirming beliefs and greater spiritual awareness.

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