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What is EPT™?

What is EPT™?

I get this question all the time and it seems difficult to answer. So there’s the process and that's in another blog. But what is it? Well, EPT™ stands for Emotional Polarity Technique™. For most people that doesn't mean much. So let me attempt to answer this. Basically we are what we think. Some people believe this and to others this is a new concept. Our body is a tangible object. However, our thoughts are just as tangible. They are created and formed and have mass. Yes, it’s true. There are many studies on this so feel free to research it. Now, with this as our basis for belief, what we believe shapes everything about us. It affects us mentally, spiritually socially and physically. If there is something going wrong or different than what you would prefer to have happening in any one of those areas, there is most likely a belief in place creating that outcome. I personally like to work with the physical side of things. It’s intriguing to me to see how our thoughts and beliefs create pain, sickness etc. It’s also an area that most people don’t consider to be connected to “thought”. The other areas have stronger ties to beliefs, thoughts and values. So, if our thoughts control our bodies, is there a better way to address illness? Absolutely! Now this is where it gets tricky. Within the days that we are conceived we begin to feel. As we feel, we begin to develop belief systems about these feelings. Up until about the age of eight, we are in download mode. It’s kind of like comparing it to a computer and those early years are the software download years. In that time you might get a non helpful software package downloaded to your brain. It’s like when you buy a computer and it has all this software on it but you only need some of it. Cell phones are notorious for this. The problem is those programs are still running in the background and can slow your computer. Your mind is the same way. “Programs” can be running in the background slowing you down. You might also get a “virus” that messes with the programing. Anyway, after about 8 you start to learn how to use the “software” even though you are still and always will be learning. However, some of the early software can still be running and you may not even know. The problem comes when there is software running in the background that messes with your world. I’m referring to the subconscious belief systems that you are not aware of but control your thought process. If you become aware, most people find ways to deal and work with it. But when you don’t know its there, it just keeps running ruining your health, relationships and mental clarity. I think we have all been there when we ask ourselves, “ why do I keep doing that?” So, EPT is a gentle process that helps find the hidden story, without bringing up all the trauma and having to relive it. Then through the rest of the process, the issue is corrected to create new neural pathways and belief systems so that your program works to support you rather than derail you. Using a form of guided meditation to forgive the beliefs that make you sick, sabotage your efforts and keep you stuck. Beliefs that create pain to get your attention so you will deal with stuff that you don’t want to face. Now, this isn’t changing beliefs that serve you and are good and positive. This is changing beliefs that are negative and are creating havoc in your life. Here, an example. A person came to me with debilitating knee pain. Had it for years. Caused by a sports injury years before. Bone on bone. Never walk easily again. Just my lot in life. Can’t be fixed. Etc. With EPT the hidden belief that was developed as a kid was that if you are sick and injured you get attention and people give you stuff. So, when this person was stressed with the pressures of adult life, they became resistant to moving forward, crippling the knees until they couldn’t move and becoming “sick” so that people would do things for them and take the responsibility off of them. All this did was cause pain and cripple them. It didn’t solve adult problems. So by using forgiveness, we were able to change this belief to one of personal responsibility and a belief that they were perfectly capable of handling all the things that life brings. As this person began to believe that they can do it, there was no long a need for pain and they could now move freely in adult life. At the end, the pain was gone, they could walk better and the pain didn’t return. This now opens up space for the body to do what it does and work to heal some of the actual physical problems that it couldn’t heal when this person was creating with their mind situations to keep the body in a defeated place. Another person I have worked with had a belief system that they were the “neglected one”. They laughed as this came up because they remembered introducing themselves at the age of 4, as hello, I’m (name) the neglected one. Believing that, but forgetting that belief, it was running in their programing. Even though this person had a pretty wonderful life, they still unconsciously set up situations over and over that supported that belief that they were the neglected one. So, what are you believing that is manifesting in your life that keeps you stuck or makes life more challenging that it needs to be. Change your belief, change your physical, mental, spiritual and social life experience. Isn’t it time to feel great again!

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