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My Personal List of Things That Work!

I have been meaning to do this for a while and finally got to it.  It is not enormously comprehensive but is a great start. Keep it simple, effective and fast.

This is a list of things that I endorse not out of theory or any other means, but out of personal experience with them.  My criteria is basically, does it work and does it work fast.  

I have tried many herbal supplements, products and procedures in the past.  There are so many studies, reports, books, theories etc on their effectiveness.  However, taking or doing things for 6 months to a year to see any result is just not satisfactory.  Also, it’s a lot of wasted money if it doesn’t do anything. Therefore, I have included some of the best things I have found that have made a profound difference, quickly.  This is my personal list in order of priority. If there is anything here that peaks your interest, feel free to contact me or schedule a free consultation at


This means doing things that build the essential energy of life.  This is the energy that powers everything that needs to be powered in order for us to be alive.  No life force, you are dead.  

There are many ways to go about this.  The best one that I have found is Pangu Shengong.  Simple, easy and very powerful exercise practice.  Twenty minutes, easy. Actually I do more than that but that's the minimum.

I personally find it powerful because it focuses on transforming the negative instead of deflecting or eliminating it.  You can read about it and about the incredible health benefits on the website. I can hook you up with a great instructor. I'm still a ways off before I am qualified to teach.

The other thing is this, without adequate life force, many of the supplements and treatments don’t work because the body just doesn’t have the strength to adequately use them.  That is why I include this first. If you are trying to improve anything in your life, you just need the gas to do it. I can't say enough about this. If you had to pick just one thing off this list, I would start with Pangu Shengong.


If you need energetic support for your health or you are just too weak to do Pangu Shengong, or you just want fantastic health and wellbeing there is an option for 24/7 energy support.  Who doesn't like extra energy. Check out the video on this link to learn more.


Simply put, get scanned, follow instructions, take infoceuticals.  

Huge difference!  You can read about it here.

Seriously, study every tab on this website, read the book and watch the videos.  It is incredible.   Sometimes what we think is the problem, might not be. Taking a look and being able to measure, can aid any kind of progress.

If you can afford to get a miHealth, best investment ever. No kidding.  Best investment ever! It’s like a doctor in your pocket. I might go weeks without taking the infoceuticals but I don’t go a day without using the miHealth. 

NES Health has lowered the price of personal scanners to as an aid during this health crisis.  So now you can easily afford to scan yourself from home and then follow the protocol. Remember, there are also Feel Good infoceuticals that you can order without practitioner approval.  CFI, Love, Peace, ESR and Chill are all good during cold and flu season.

By this weekend there will also be a discounted Immune support package available in your shop.

Plus, I can give you a small discount on a miHealth at this time. If you don't have a membership, contact me so I can set you up.


It all starts deep within you.  

You got to clear out the garbage. Limiting beliefs.  We all have them. Those triggers that keep us doing the same things over and over even when we know in our head we shouldn’t.  

The fears, the anxieties that either we have all the time or the ones that pop up under certain conditions, and you have no idea why.  Or, you think you know why and years later it is still not resolved. Even that cold you get every October or the pain in your knee from that old football injury. Yeah, there is an unconscious belief buried deep and it’s not going to change until you find it and resolve it.  

With EPT you can quickly find that little child in you (or adult) who experienced trauma and developed a belief system around it.  You can soothe them, comfort them and then allow yourself to let it go and develop new and healthier beliefs that support a happy, relaxed and joyful lifestyle.

This technique is so incredible, fast and efficient and it is applicable in every aspect of your life.  Complete versatility.  

Yes, the more you experience it the more you can do some self help, but it really does need an outside person, practitioner, to see what you can’t or what your ego won’t let you see.

This was my first specialty and Masters Certification because it was so mind blowingly powerful for me.


This is more important than food.  

Go outside for at least twenty minutes a day and let your body absorb it. 

It is best if it comes through your eyes, but don’t look directly at the sun. 

You need all the light frequencies that the sun provides.  Don’t filter them out. But do take care and caution to not over do it, especially at first.  

This is a total game changer.  I hope to write more about it in the future.  NES Health Energy 4 Life has a great course that includes this and a bunch of other things.  If you get a NES Health membership, there are articles and podcasts on this as well.

And as an additional note.  When my father was a teenager and got polio in the 1940’s, one of the hospital treatments was to wheel the patients, bed and all outside to get sunshine, because it was so important for health and healing.  We tend to forget this in the age of drug therapy.

If you don’t live in a sunny area, use a Happy Light.  They are inexpensive on Amazon and boy howdy, they make a difference.  However, it still doesn’t replace real sunlight, so get outside.


Our body needs life force and sunlight  but it also needs physical fuel.  

Basically, we don’t eat well.  If you do, great! But if you are still getting sick and having mental or emotional issues and having a rough life, maybe you are not eating as healthy as you think.   Which leads to supplements.  

Don’t waste your money unless you are working with an expert.  

Seriously, it’s a waste of money.  I once worked with a fantastic professional who really knew their stuff.  I was on 10-20 different supplements. That is not sustainable. It has to work quickly and be affordable long term.

Here’s the thing.  There is no magic pill.  There is no magic bullet.  There is nothing outside yourself that is going to fix your problems.  

First you have to fix what is inside of you.  As you do this, you can support it with the only things you really need, clean water, clean food, warm clothing and shelter.

Then if you are doing your Pangu Shengong, anything less than perfect can be transformed.  So, your basics don’t have to be perfect and you can relax, be at peace and focus on what really matters.

Personally, I have gone down this route, I know.  So this is what I do now. I have a few medicinal supplements for times of stress.  I will list them below. But I have found Juice+ to be a simple and fantastic way to fill in my nutritional gaps.  Look into it. The science is there. Fakes and copycat supplements are a waste, so stick with the original. By the way it is not juicing or juicers, it is a capsule supplement or gummy chewable.  30 fruits and vegetables crammed into a small tasty bite or 3 capsules. It seriously makes a difference. I can feel the difference and see the difference. And I feel it fast.


Melaleuca company.  Natural products powered with the germ killing tea tree (melaleuca) oil.  I love the apple spice scent Sol-U-Mel disinfectant. So many great products to keep your home fresh and clean without harsh chemicals.  Feel free to ask me more about it or try some products, I can hook you up. Especially at this time.

And again, these things are backed by research not popularity.  This one did take me a longer time to be convinced, I'm a natural skeptic. mostly because there are so many choices and programs, but nothing else compared. 

#8-- my list of medicinal products that have made a huge difference They are not in order and are to be used as needed.

  • L-lysine for cold sores (I use 4000 mg personally 3 times a day for 3 days) 

There have been times I have used this for virus outbreaks too.

Doterra Deep Blue for aches, pains, first aid, sore feet

MindBody Matrix pain cream The best for any kind of pain.

Ditch the opiates. Helpful for my headaches too.

Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat for sore throats.  Amazing and delicious.

miHealth for sinus infections and issues. Also pain relief.

ESR, Chill, CFI infoceuticals for stress relief and immunity.  I take them all winter.

Lots and lots of warm or room temperature fruit, whole or blenderized or juiced fresh with a juicer.

Do not use pre-made grocery store juice. 

I do this if I start to feel off to prevent a cold from coming on.

Celery, carrots or beets are good too.  

See the podcast in the portal on biophotons. #34 Biophoton Emission with Fritz-Albert Popp

So, there you go.  

Keep it simple, effective and fast. 

This is what I have found to be super effective for me.  This is the second winter I did not catch a cold or flu. I think this is impressive because I caught a cold or flu that was bad enough to miss school or work every year since I can remember and that would go back to age 5.  So yes, It has been really amazing.

If you are concerned that I am peddling these things because I sell or sponsor them, I only do it because they were so powerful, I wanted to make it available to everyone. 

I know very well how crummy it can feel to be sick, tired and in constant pain, for years on end.  I don’t want anyone to have to live through that if help is really next door.

Just remember,  Stay calm and be positive.  

The suggestions above can really help with that.

As closing, I did want to add that the biggest and most important thing in my life is my faith in God.  I let God fight my battles. All these things God has led me to do. I don’t let fear get in my way. When I start to feel afraid or even think, “I’m afraid this won’t work or I’m afraid I will catch COVID-19,” I set it aside and let God take it for me.  Without fear, I can do all things.  

So if you are not sure of your faith, or God or any kind of spirituality, look for it.  Do the above and then look for that connection to a deeper meaning. I promise, you will find it.

May you be filled with peace and joy, health and prosperity,  



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