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I am in Control of Me

I am in Control of Me

The other day I was thinking about the mind/body connection. This has been a real awakening for me over the last 20 years.

Being raised in the mainstream conservative middle class, I had learned that when you are sick, really sick, you go to the doctor. The doctor can fix everything.

Well, there was a time when most people were lucky to have an education higher than the 8th grade. They relied on home remedies and intuition to heal from medical problems. Much of the time that wasn’t enough. Doctor’s on the other hand had more education and understood some basic problems that they could then treat. As medicine and medical practice got better, people started to rely on that area to treat everything. It was miraculous.

The focus turned to just the body. But we are more than just a body. We have a mind and spirit too. As a human society, we have only just begun to scratch the surface of our total being.

As, I was contemplating this, a picture began to unfold in my mind. I imagined a house with a leaky roof. Not only is that annoying, it can eventually damage the interior and the entire home.

How to fix it. Put out a bucket to catch the water. Does that fix the problem? No, it just keeps it from being an annoyance.

I could throw a tarp over the roof. Cheap and easy and stops the leak. It’s not permanent. Keep throwing tarps over, until the roof can finally get fixed permanently.

Now sometimes, leaks aren’t constant and obvious. You can’t always assume it is the roof, or even an old leak you thought you fixed.

Once, when I was a brand new home owner, we had a leak. It wasn’t dripping, but it left a stain on the ceiling. My husband, having grown up with leaky roofs, was terribly distraught about the thoughts of a new roof. After searching around the attic, we discovered it was the air conditioning unit. Again, distraught about fixing or having to buy a new unit. Poverty moves you to really search out options. Fortunately, we looked deeper and found that the newly sprayed insulation had found its way into the drainage tube from a ventilation valve. That tiny little blockage was the culprit.

The point is. We could have panicked and figured it must be the old roof and replaced it. It did need replacing. But that wasn’t causing the leak.

We could have got a new a/c unit, at a great cost, and in that process it would have been fixed, but that wasn’t necessary.

So, what in your life is leaking? Are you finding the real problem or just putting cheap fixes over it? Or, expensive ones, creating more problems.

For years I had lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain. For 10 years, the doctors said it was because I was pregnant. It didn’t matter what I believed, it was what they believed, so, they looked no further than that. Yes, pregnancy made it worse, but it wasn’t that.

When I finally wasn’t pregnant for a considerable time. Then it was that I was overweight. Fix that and it would be better. Ok, that did help. And not being pregnant helped, but it was still there.

Then 20 years later, I was over weight again, something happened that blew it out into crazy outrageous pain. So, the doctors gave me pain meds and sent me to physical therapy. Didn’t help. Got stronger pain meds. Got strongest pain meds. Living on strongest pain meds and really angry now. Finally, one night at the ER again, a nurse asked if I had gone to a back surgeon. She gave me the name of one.

I got into see him. He treated it lightly because it had gone on for so long. Had me try some more stuff that didn’t work and then finally ordered a MRI. Well, it was bad. I immediately had surgery on my herniated disc.

Hours after surgery, the pain of the surgery was less than the original pain, I was up and walking and soooooo happy.

Life was good. Just had the months required to heal. But even feeling so much better. There was still a lingering pain.

A couple years later, I discovered Emotional Polarity Technique™ for other reasons. However, I had a few sessions focusing on my back pain. The pain went away. It stayed away.

I got trained in this amazing technique. During the course of the training, the pain came back again. Things were different now. I had more sessions on this back problem. It went away again. Through Emotional Polarity Technique™ I was able to find, fix and resolve the problems of my back. I learned that it was more than just a physical body issue. When there were unresolved issues in my life or the life of my family, my body would get my attention through lower back pain. Now, if it shows up, I can easily resolve the pain, without drugs or surgery and the pain stops.

The key is, it wasn’t my back, it was me. I can’t look back and say if I had only known, because if I could have known, it would have shown up for me. I had to go through this learning process.

The issue was small 20 years ago. I don’t regret the surgery but if I had addressed the emotional issues in my life, I could have prevented the whole ordeal. Just like finding the simple little block in my air conditioner.

I love that now I can have a headache and ask myself what issue am I not dealing with. Or tooth pain after a cavity is filled. I have seen over a hundred cases of physical issues caused by underlying emotional issues get fixed and healed by addressing those issues.

Our bodies are a blessing and gift to us. They were created to experience every range of pain possible. They were not created to stay chained to that pain. Our minds and spirits are more powerful than we ever thought possible. We are able to control our bodies and not have our bodies control us. It is all up to us to choose.

There is a powerful connection between our mind, body and spirit. When we choose to take control of our own lives we have within our being the capacities to create a life so positively amazing and happy.

It all starts in our mind.

Thanks for reading my blog. I do not claim to be a great writer and ask your forgiveness for my grammar and spelling. I just feel compelled to express my feelings and opinions in the hope that it might help someone have a better and happier life experience.

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