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It's time for more imaginative initiatives in emotional healthcare

EPT is short for Emotional Polarity Technique: an innovative holistic emotional healthcare technique in which forgiveness is the key that enables instant and permanent changes.

EPT is a completely new idea in emotional healthcare--It is not drug treatment and it is not months or even years of traditional counseling. EPT gets you faster and more permanent relief from the stresses of your mind, body and relationships through a practical, collaborative 4-step process that transforms your entire body.

The EPT process is like searching Google. A person has a problem in their life or body and as they focus on that problem--bringing it up on their personal mind computer screen-- the EPT practitioner finds the earliest memory where this emotional state was formed. The body's reaction to the memory is fixed and then they are coached through specific forgiveness statements to enable deep, meaningful and permanent relief.

Forgiveness is the key. Most everyone has experienced the power of forgiveness in their own life. It's that moment when you finally just "let it go" and "give it up".

In this moment, pain and burden is immediately gone. You thought you were setting another person free but you find out it's you who gets set free in ways you never imagined.

There is nothing mystical about forgiveness. In fact forgiveness has been scientifically studied and proven to enable physical changes including: lowering blood pressure, eliminating chronic pain, and lessening the effect of physical and emotional pain and stress.

EPT is designed to get you to that "forgiveness moment" faster and more often, to create life-altering cha

You can learn the details of how this is done in the book: The Forgiveness Doctor, by Dr. Annette Cargioli. Found on

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