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About Me

Linda Sellers

I’m a passionate Holistic and Alternative Wellness Practitioner.
I first came to alternative medicine as a patient looking for a better way of treating my own symptoms of chronic fatigue and chronic back pain. I was also searching for ways to better care for my families multitude of health concerns. I spent 26 years investigating and applying many different holistic approaches to healing and health.  Ultimately it was not until I came across the Emotional Polarity Technique™ that things really began to change, and change fast!  

After seeing how EPT™ treated my symptoms effectively and quickly, I decided to become a certified EPT™ practitioner.  I have since become one of the few Certified Master EPT™ Practitioners.

As my health improved through EPT™ I discovered the Energy4Life™ system which complimented EPT™ and greatly accelerated my overall healing.

Currently, I  offer both the Energy4Life™ program and EPT™ to help my clients achieve the best outcomes to their health goals.

As a certified Energy4Life ™ practitioner and Master EPT™ practitioner, I can help you heal and revitalize in ways you never thought possible.  I believe in providing these amazing new techniques so that everyone has the opportunity to empower and heal not only their body, but their life as well.
I’m dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

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